We     creating awesome mobile web apps!



Being mobile is not just about having an iPhone or Android app. The shift that is all around us is not about the mobile devices themselves, it is about mobile as a verb: the action of being mobile and of having the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever and wherever you want. Mobile means giving people the power to do what they want to do "now"!


Businesses are communicating with people in a decentralized manner, not needing to get an approval from any central authority to add a page or make a link. URLs are the key to universality, turning the Web's content into something of greater value: an interconnected information space.


We all love apps and one of the main reasons is their slick look & feel. But as a business, creating, distributing and monetizing a mobile application can be frustrating: big fragmentation across mobile devices & operating systems, approval process into various app stores, poor discoverability due to the closed environment and finally: shared revenue constraints.

Our Mission

We made it our mission to innovate on the Web by creating awesome Mobile Web Applications, enabling businesses and users all the same to benefit from the openness of the Web while enjoying a native-app like look & feel on their favorite mobile & tablet devices. Our vision is to create cross-platform mobile web applications (HTML5) that can be distributed and monetized directly in the browser, turning the Web into a viable alternative to the closed environment of native apps.